Rwanda Standards Board Employee Arrested for Alleged 25 Million Franc Bribe

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has announced that they have recently apprehended Uwitonze Valens, who is an employee responsible for standards compliance at the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB). This follows allegations of him accepting a bribe of 25 million Rwandan Francs.

RIB communicated this information through a statement posted on its official website.

According to RIB, the bribe in question was linked to “facilitating the acquisition of a certificate of standards compliance.”

As of now, Uwitonze is detained at RIB’s Kimihurura Station, pending the conclusion of his case, which involves accusations of bribery.

RIB has reaffirmed its commitment to discouraging individuals from engaging in corrupt activities and encourages people to report bribery cases instead of participating in them, as this is a violation of Law No. 54/2018, enacted on August 13, 2018, aimed at combatting corruption.

If Uwitonze is convicted, he may face a prison sentence of up to five years, along with fines in Rwandan Francs, the amount of which may vary based on the value of the bribe he either accepted or offered.