Kazungu Returns to Court Defiantly as he Continues to Defend Himself

Kazungu Dennis, who had been using technology while incarcerated at Mageragere Prison, has been acquitted by the Judiciary, indicating that he is not guilty.

The Judiciary requested an extension of 30 days for further investigation into the matter.

After a five-minute recess, Kazungu Denis responded to the Judiciary, saying, “If these 30 days will help in delivering justice, I have no objections.”

The verdict will be delivered at the Kicukiro High Court on October 27, 2023.

The charges against Kazungu include terrorism, rebellion, using false identification, forgery, identity theft, spreading false information, and violation of privacy and the law on cybercrime.

He has also faced physical abuse, torture, and forced confessions, according to reports.

Kazungu was initially arrested on charges of terrorism but claimed to have killed 14 people, including 13 women and one boy, under duress.

In the trial, it was revealed that he had participated in acts of violence that resulted in the deaths of 12 individuals.