Rwanda-Nyabihu: Urgent Concerns Arise as Landslide Threatens Residents in Shyira Sector

The residents of Nyabihu District, Shyira sector in Kanyamitana cell speak of their great concern about the Gisuma landslide, which is threatening to slide down into the ground and has the potential to cause the loss of life and property.

The issue of this landslide started to manifest during the rainy season, where it started sliding and even made a loud noise. People in the affected area were deeply alarmed.

Some of the affected residents started questioning and calling on authorities to help them and fortify the area against further landslides, which was not previously seen for many years.

Angelique, one of the affected residents, said, “We can see the situation deteriorating; the landslides are getting closer, and it’s terrifying. We fear that it will take us by surprise, and the government needs to address this pressing issue.”

Alexandre added, “This started a week ago, and it keeps worsening. We are anxious about the landslide, which could affect us. We need help to stay here because we don’t know when it will strike, and it can be deadly.”

The regional leader, Lambert Dushimimana, stated that the immediate focus is on relocating those at risk, but they are working with other agencies to prevent and manage future landslides and to support those affected.

To date, three families totaling 27 people have been relocated from the Gisuma landslide area, and there are more families at risk, while efforts to fortify the area continue.