Democratic Green Party of Rwanda’s Pledge to Democracy, Gender Equality, and Progress

On this Friday, October 27th,2023, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) held a women Congress in the Northern Province, Musanze District.

During this women congress, the party highlighted its commitment to democracy and the improvement of various aspects of society, particularly focusing on promoting gender equality, family values, and innovations aligned with global standards.

In this gathering, women congress leaders within the party were appointed to reinforce the party’s activities and introduce fresh perspectives related to the global agenda.

This includes technology, which is emphasized in the broader context of promoting women’s roles and welfare in society.

Athanasia Mukeshimana, the head of the women’s wing of the Green Party in the Northern province, expressed the party’s dedication to empowering women and improving the overall well-being of the Rwandan population.

She stated that the Green Party remains committed to demonstrating the importance of women’s strength in nation-building, with a focus on family values and innovation.

She emphasized that these efforts would be achieved through collaboration with their male counterparts, and men should take part in promoting gender equality and family values.

The aim is to create a society where everyone contributes to build a better future.

Justine Mukabihezande, a vice president of the national youth Green’s committee, expressed the importance of addressing challenges related to gender issues and the need to tap into the potential of women and men.

She stressed that they could contribute to societal progress, recognizing the value of unity between men and women.

Dr. Frank Habineza, a head of Green Party, emphasized the party’s commitment to promoting gender equality and achieving the goals of gender balance. He mentioned the intention to introduce a national-level women’s committee in 2023, aiming to achieve 50% female representation in various party positions.

The women’s wing of the party in the Northern Province, including Burera, Rulindo, Gakenke, Gicumbi, and Musanze District.

It is expected to expand at the national level, emphasizing the importance of women’s participation and representation in political and social spheres.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) has not only been at the forefront of promoting democracy and gender equality but has also demonstrated a robust commitment to environmental conservation.

In a recent gathering held in this Province, the party reiterated its dedication to preserving the environment and working towards a more sustainable future for Rwanda.

The Green Party’s commitment to environmental conservation is aligned with global efforts to combat climate change and preserve the planet’s natural resources. By integrating these strategies into their political agenda, the party is not only contributing to a sustainable future for Rwanda but also setting an example for other nations to follow.

In a world where environmental challenges are increasingly urgent, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is stepping up to address these issues, making it clear that environmental conservation is a vital part of their vision for a better Rwanda.