Nyanza:Nighttime Intrusion Turns Fatal: Consequences Unfold in Buhaza Village

In Buhaza Village, Gati cell, Muyira sector at Nyanza district, there was an incident last night. Some individuals went to steal goats. Two of them were caught by the residents and faced consequences, one of which resulted in death, while the other was seriously injured.

These individuals targeted the house of a man named Murwanashyaka Theoneste, attempting to steal some of his goats.

Reports indicate that the homeowner was awakened by the commotion and, in self-defense, confronted the intruders. A physical altercation ensued, leading to the death of one of the thieves. His accomplice was also seriously injured. Their friend, who was keeping watch, managed to escape, but he is now being sought by the authorities.

The secretary Exectif of Muyira sector, Alphonse Muhoza, has commented on the incident, saying, “The residents should not resort to violence. While one of the intruders was caught, it’s regrettable that it led to a fatality.”

Muhoza has requested that the community refrain from taking the law into their own hands and instead rely on law enforcement.

The Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) continues its investigation into the matter to ensure that all relevant information is disclosed and those involved are held accountable.