Violent Clashes Erupt in Kibati: M23 Rebels Release Captured European Nationals Amid Ongoing Conflict

There was a clash today in the Kibati area between the M23 rebels and the Congolese government forces (FARDC), resulting in 7 casualties among European nationals and 4 fatalities in Kibati conflict zone.

These soldiers were captured during the recent fighting in Kibati, and they were subsequently released on this day, around 10:00 AM local time, after being detained in Kanyamahura. The M23 group is reportedly responsible for their release.

Furthermore, this comes after a series of confrontations in recent days, which saw the FARDC facing significant losses and suffering numerous casualties. Some of the soldiers have been captured, joining the Hiboux Special Force, as well as some members of the FDLR coming from the Silkove unit.

Notably, this is not an isolated incident, as the situation remains tense, with more incidents expected as various armed groups, including the Patriots who recently joined the conflict, continue to be active.