SACOLA’s Impact: Clean Water and Improved Lives in Musanze

The residents of Kinigi and Nyange sectors in Musanze District extend their heartfelt gratitude to SACOLA for their unwavering commitment to providing access to clean water and enhancing their quality of life.

Particularly, the residents applaud SACOLA’s provision of a 6.5-kilometer water pipeline, which eliminates the need to retrieve water from contaminated sources near the volcanoes.

Beneficiaries have shared with Teradignews that SACOLA’s initiatives have significantly improved their health by addressing various waterborne diseases, underscoring their appreciation for SACOLA’s support and the effective leadership of the country.

Farida Nyirabakunzi, a resident of Ninda village in Nyange sector, expressed her gratitude, stating, “We are thankful to SACOLA for granting us access to clean water. Previously, we fetched water from contaminated sources near the volcanoes, but now we can enjoy good health with clean water provided to us here in Ninda village. We also thank President Kagame for his support.”

Isaac Muramira added, “We are grateful for the progress made under the leadership of President Paul Kagame. SACOLA’s contributions have been invaluable in our journey forward.”

Pierre Celestin, the leader of SACOLA, emphasized that their current project aims to enhance residents’ living standards and foster continued collaboration with Musanze district to promote community development.

He remarked, “Today, we have initiated projects worth 386 million aimed at enhancing the living conditions of local residents, including grassroots projects benefiting those living near the park. We have invested 96 million in the water pipeline project. We are also thankful to President Kagame for his support and Musanze District for their partnership.”

Uwanyirigira Clarisse, the Vice Mayor of Musanze District for Economic and Development, expressed gratitude to SACOLA’s partners for their support in various initiatives that enhance residents’ lives.

She noted, “These projects have significantly benefited the district, especially in improving residents’ well-being. The water pipeline extends to Kinigi and Nyange sectors and will be expanded to other sectors. SACOLA’s support has been invaluable; residents no longer need to travel long distances for clean water, which is commendable.”

Musanze District has achieved 90% of its clean water provision goal, while Rwanda aims to ensure universal access to clean water by 2024 under the Good Governance program.

Additionally, SACOLA has constructed 20 houses, including 5 for Genocide survivors in 1994, valued at over 13,600,000 RWF each, along with other infrastructure and facilities.

These initiatives have not only provided housing but also livelihood support and financial assistance to facilitate the residents’ integration into their new homes.