Rwandan Football Enthusiasts Get Up Close with Bayern Munich and Local Heroes

A group of young football fans in Rwanda were thrilled to attend the Bayern Munich training session, which took place in Kigali Pele Stadium on the evening of September 19, 2023. This event followed the arrival of Hakizimana Muhadjiri, a player from the Rwandan national team, Amavubi, and Police FC.

The Police FC was set to prepare for their upcoming match against Kiyovu Sports, a leading team in the Rwandan Premier League, during the same visit.

Upon spotting the Police FC players, all of them eagerly approached Hakizimana Muhadjiri with the intention of getting a photo with him. The national team and Police FC player, upon hearing their request, cheerfully agreed, saying, “Let’s take a photo,” and they hopped into a car to capture a picture together.

This was a special moment for the children, as they were not only thrilled to meet this player, but also because they had a unique opportunity to take a photo alongside players from the Police FC who were present at the training session.