Rubavu: Another Resident Injured by a Bomb from DRCongo

Another resident named Hagumimana Pierre from the village of Buringo, in the Butaka cell of the Bugeshi sector, located in the Rubavu district of Rwanda, was injured by a bomb shot from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The available information suggests that the bomb, which was shot from the Congolese side near the international border, caused injuries to this resident.

The Bugeshi sector has experienced tension with the presence of the Nyiragongo Territorial Troops, as well as the M23 armed group from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Up to this point, it is unclear whether the bomb that injured this resident was caused by the FARDC (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo) or the M23.

The spokesperson for this community, Lawrence Kanyuka, posted on his former Twitter page and stated that the FARDC was responsible for shooting this bomb.

He mentioned that among those killed by the FARDC was an individual named Zabayo Hangi in the Buhumba Groupement, who left behind five children.

A resident of Rubavu injured by this bomb joins others from the Cyanzarwe sector who were also injured by a different bomb shot from DRC in recent days.