Prime Minister of DR Congo, Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde, Resigns

Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde, the Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has resigned from his position.

His resignation allows for the formation of a new government following the 2023 parliamentary elections, where he was elected as a deputy for the national constituency representing the Kasenga territory in the Haut-Katanga province.

Lukonde cited compliance with the DRC constitution, electoral laws, and the rules governing the constitutional court as reasons for his resignation.

He stated that his decision was also in response to President Félix Tshisekedi’s decision to remove him, which he described as “normal.”

Lukonde praised Tshisekedi for their collaboration based on solidarity and mutual respect.

It is expected that Jean-Pierre Bemba, the current Minister of Defense, will take over as Prime Minister.

Government officials are expected to continue their duties until the new government is appointed.