Kazungu Denis to Face Continued Trial in Court

Kazungu Denis, who is accused of murdering 14 individuals in serious criminal cases, is slated to appear in court again for his sentencing and appeal trial.

Currently, Kazungu is being held in Mageragere Prison, where the Kicukiro High Court sentenced him to 30 years in prison on September 21, 2023.

Two days before the conclusion of the 30-day appeal period, the Prosecution requested a 30-day extension for Kazungu Denis’s detention.

The exact date for the new hearing has not been provided yet. According to the laws governing appeal extensions, this indicates that the decision to detain him for 30 days was made on a specific date.

Following these 30 days, an additional three months may be added if a satisfactory explanation is given for the trial’s extension. During this period, details about the trial’s progress are also expected to be established.

However, in the case of severe crimes, an extension of the 30-day period may not be feasible. For such heinous crimes, a person can be initially detained for three months, and then another three months for further investigation.

Once this period has elapsed, the case will be transferred to a higher court. Concerning the decision to detain Kazungu Denis for 30 days, the Prosecutor cited compelling reasons for his continued detention, which include his involvement in multiple severe crimes, with a total of 12 murder victims among them.

Additionally, it was mentioned that Kazungu himself confessed to being involved in these crimes, including the killing of 14 individuals, comprising 13 young girls and one young boy.

During his court appearance, Kazungu Denis claimed that these girls were infected with HIV, which he stated as the reason for committing these heinous acts.