The Unusual Story of Padiri Nahimana Thomas and Mukankiko Slyivie in Rwandan Politics

Padiri Nahimana Thomas consistently claims to be the President of the Rwandan Government in Exile, along with Mukankiko Slyivie, who states that she is his Minister. They continue to assert that they have a relationship with President Tshisekedi, suggesting cooperation with the aim of reaching power in Rwanda.

Padiri Nahimana is accused of fabricating his association with President Tshisekedi, using photo editing to create false evidence. He does this in the context of Rwandan politics.

He is also suspected of having close ties to President Tshisekedi and allegedly promises to support anti-Rwandan government forces, including Jambo ASBL and others.

Padiri Nahimana is currently based in his home country, where he is planning to participate in the 2024 elections, stating his intention to lead Rwanda.

However, it’s important to note that these claims and activities are highly controversial, and Padiri Nahimana’s views on ethnicity and his support for political figures like Twagiramungu Faustin have generated significant debate and criticism.

Mukankiko Slyivie seems to be associated with Padiri Nahimana in this endeavor, with both trying to make a significant impact, possibly even as a Minister, and they express their belief that they can succeed in their mission.