Rain Damage: Kigali-Southern Province Road Closed for Repairs

The rain that fell on the night of Saturday, 28th March 2024, affecting the Sunday, caused damage to the road connecting Kigali City and Southern Province. This road passes through Kamonyi District in Rugalika Sector, particularly in Nkoto Village.

This road, located in a hilly area, is used by cyclists, and despite ongoing maintenance, it continues to be affected by erosion.

Uzziel, the District Leader in charge of Economy and Development in Kamonyi District, stated that this road has suffered damage due to heavy rain, leading to its closure.

Although this road has been closed, it has not hindered traffic as the alternative route is being used.

The District Leader in charge of Economy and Development in Kamonyi District also mentioned that warning signs have been placed along this road to alert users of the erosion danger.

Additionally, the traffic police have been mobilized to ensure the safety of users and to regulate traffic flow on this road.

“We are working with security agencies including the National Police and the Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) to carry out inspections to prevent accidents and ensure safety,” said Vice Mayor Niyongira.

Vice Mayor Niyongira also mentioned that works to repair this road will begin as soon as possible, and that alternative routes will be provided for vehicles to use during the repair period.

The rain also affected various activities, including homes, banana plantations, and other crops.

Rainfall wreaks havoc: A section of the Kigali-Southern Province road in Kamonyi District, Rugalika Sector, damaged by heavy rain