RAB urged farmers to use manure on their crops

The Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) is urging farmers to adopt a more effective fertilization strategy by combining chemical fertilizers with manure. This approach has been shown to significantly enhance crop yields.

Dr. Ndabamenye Telesphore, the Director General of RAB, emphasized the necessity of this practice due to the aging condition of Rwanda’s soil, similar to other countries in the region.

“Our crops still need essential nutrients for rapid growth,” Dr. Ndabamenye explained. “Given the degraded state of our soil, there are other countries where the soil remains nutrient-rich.”

He continued, “However, when you look at our soil and that of all East African countries, it is evident that it has started to deteriorate.”

RAB identifies several factors contributing to nutrient depletion, including erosion and insufficient natural nutrients, making the use of fertilizers essential.

Dr. Ndabamenye highlighted that incorporating manure into the soil helps restore its nutrient levels.

“Manure is incredibly beneficial,” he noted. “When combined with chemical fertilizers, they work synergistically. Research has consistently shown that this combination produces excellent results.”

RAB stresses the importance of using both types of fertilizers to ensure crops receive adequate nutrients and maintain soil fertility.

“Manure plays a crucial role in restoring the soil’s natural state,” Dr. Ndabamenye said. “This rejuvenation encourages the growth of beneficial microorganisms, which are vital for healthy crop development.”

RAB is actively encouraging farmers to blend manure with chemical fertilizers in the correct proportions to maximize agricultural productivity.

A 2022 report by the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Institute (RCID) revealed that farmers are not utilizing manure as effectively as they should. Successful farming requires a mix of manure, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides.

Farmers and agricultural researchers are calling for increased knowledge and expertise in fertilizer use, particularly manure, as it is essential for boosting agricultural output.

Dr. Ndabamenye Telesphore: Leading Agricultural Innovation in Rwanda