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Musanze Teen mothers commend MUHISIMBI over livelihoods improvement

Teen mothers from Musanze district receiving support from MUHISIMBI voice in youth of Conservation, commend the organization over its enduring assistance that is improving their livelihoods.

The organization does not only aid them in transforming their lives, but also instills a sense of direction by providing knowledge and skills.

The support goes beyond tangible resources, encompassing a holistic approach that empowers these young women to reshape their lives. It includes guidance on making informed decisions, fostering a positive mindset and being equipped with the skills necessary for self-sufficiency.

MUHISIMBi also acknowledges and respects the diverse backgrounds of the girls it assists, ensuring a tailored approach to their needs and aspirations.

At the recent Christmas celebration party graced by the head of MUHISIMBI Voice in youth of Conservation, Emmanuel Harerimana and The Executive Secretary of Kinigi Sector, Landouard Gahonzire among other guests, the organization pledged to accompany the young women in their journey towards recovery and self-reliance.

The event showcased a delightful array of foods, including meat, veggies soup, potatoes, beans, and eggs; accompanied with soft drinks served to both mothers and their children.

Adeline Niyizarera, one of the participants expressed her gratitude to MUHISIMBI for playing a tremendous role in changing her life.

“We are very grateful as we enter Christmas. This unexpected gift has added value to our celebration. We understand the challenges ahead but believe in a bright future, just like everyone else” said the young mother who was impregnated at the age of 17, adding “we appreciate the support from the organization that has been caring for us, and we look forward to embracing these blessings. We are committed to raising our children well, and we value the knowledge and opportunities given to us for skill development.”

Another young woman namely Angelique Hagenimana shared her own positive transformation thanks to the role played by MUHISIMBI.

She emphasized her contribution to progress while highlighting her newfound self-dependence.

“My life has seen a transformation in both general behavior and attitudes. Now, as a girl who aspires to make money, I strive for good future and being independent to against men’s traps” she said.

Emmanuel Harerimana, the head of MUHISIMBI, expressed profound gratitude to all teen mothers for their unwavering dedication to both their children’s education and personal growth.

“I am genuinely pleased to witness the commitment you have invested in advancing not only the education of your children, but also in your personal development. As we celebrate this day, I extend warm wishes for a Merry Christmas. However, I request you to stay vigilant against potential distractions that could hinder the success of your endeavors. Let us persevere in our diligent efforts, shaping a marketplace for a promising future” He said.

He also expressed gratitude to the diverse sponsors of MUHISIMBI, acknowledging their significant contribution to the recent Christmas celebration party.

The Executive Secretary of Kinigi Sector, Landouard Gahonzire, delivered a reminder to parents about the critical role they play in shaping the nation’s future. He urged them to strive for excellence, emphasizing the importance of avoiding distractions that may hinder their goals.

He also requested them the support in providing guidance to friends so that collectively they can achieve their objectives.

“You all are aware that Government is committed to ensuring sustainable development for each citizen. As part of Rwanda’s ongoing progress, I encourage you to actively participate in skill development provided by MUHISIMBI. Remember to share your experiences with your friends so that they, too, can be inspired to achieve lasting success” warned the secretary executive.

The Executive secretary of Kinigi sector Landouard has participated this Christmas celebration party

In addition to excelling academically, two mothers stood out by achieving outstanding results in the last trimester and were honored with awards, including sheep.

Her other eight colleagues were rewarded with sacks of maize flour for their commendable results.

Since its establishment in the 2017-2018 academic year, initially started with a single girl, MUHISIMBI voice in youth of Conservation has significantly broadened its impact and now supports over 400 individuals.

Each participant is rewarded with a sewing machine and materials to aid in their self-sufficiency upon completing their studies.

In line with its commitment to a brighter future, MUHISIMBI extends its assistance to the children of teenage mothers.

This includes providing resources for learning to enhance their skills in reading, writing, and other educational endeavors, ensuring they complete their studies successfully.

The support offered by organization encompasses health insurance through Mituelle de Sante, access to educational materials and resources, provision of essential items, and guidance on maintaining a positive mindset towards progress.

All these efforts align with the overarching goal of fostering sustainable development in the community.