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Musanze: MuHISIMBi Empowers Teen Mothers with Sewing Machines for a Resilient Future

The MuHISIMBi Voice in Youth Conservation organization is encouraging teenage mothers to demonstrate bravery in overcoming life challenges and contributing positively to their lives.

This initiative was announced on February 1, 2024, during the celebration of Heroes Day throughout Rwanda. It specifically benefits residents in the Kinigi sector of the Musanze district, where this organization is based.

In this celebration, MuHISIMBi has provided 35 sewing machines to students who have completed their studies, aiming to support their efforts for self-reliance and continued progress. Each recipient is encouraged to embrace their Rwandan identity, contribute to their community, and support their friends and fellow students.

Recipients of these machines informed Teradignews that MuHISIMBi is a unique foundation uplifting their current living standards and geared towards enhancing their future well-being. Odette Ayingeneye, an 18-year-old born from this initiative, expressed, “These machines granted to us are more than just a livelihood; they are tools we must use to build our future.”

Adeline Niyizarera, another beneficiary, emphasized, “We are grateful for what we’ve received. It’s not about selling these machines but receiving support that ensures our livelihoods. We see ourselves as a new generation nurtured by MUHISIMBI.”

MuHISIMBi Leader Emmanuel Harerimana emphasized that the bravery of Rwandans is evident not only in times of conflict but also in actions positively impacting others.

He stated, “Rwanda has transcended from a nation with a history of conflicts to where it is today. Our courage should manifest in actions that help our friends, contribute to the nation’s development, and promote ongoing courage.”

He continued, “These 35 students, provided with machines, are a testament to enduring courage that will enable them to progress in their daily lives and be resilient.”

Bwanayogeye Alex, the District Secretary in Musanze, expressed appreciation, acknowledging MuHISIMBi for empowering these teen mothers to grow with significant courage. He commended the organization, highlighting that the provided resources are crucial for the well-being of others.

In this context, the Rwandan government has extended support by granting 28 cows to 28 families through the “Gira Inka Munyarwanda” program, aiming to enhance their economic prosperity. Additionally, 100 fruit seedlings were distributed, contributing to sustainable agriculture and mitigating the effects of climate change.

This day, marked by various activities, serves as a reminder for Rwandans to reflect on heroic deeds that have shaped the nation and to continue striving for progress and prosperity.

Those teen mothers started putting into practice their endeavors in sewing by crafting 60 pants for their friends of G.S Kampanga who lack financial capacity
Those pants that provided to G.S Kampanga students will help them to be able in their lessons
Government of Rwanda has extended it’s “Gira inka Munyarwanda”program to different families in Kinigi

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