Burna Boy has revealed that he may retire from music in the near future

Prominent African artist Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, widely known as Burna Boy from Nigeria, has recently disclosed that he might consider putting a halt to his music career, surpassing expectations in terms of earnings.

At the age of 32, Burna Boy hints at potential lucrative deals similar to Rihanna’s, expressing gratitude on Instagram for undisclosed agreements and affirming his enduring love for music.

He states, “Judging by the figures on these deals, the trajectory of my life in the coming year will determine if I truly love making music. It seems God might be testing the depth of my love for music. I might become like Rihanna in promoting music.”

Burna Boy rose to prominence in Nigeria with hits like “Gbona,” achieving notable success in 2019 and earning various prestigious awards, including BET accolades.

Recently, he made history by filling the Citi Field Stadium in New York, with a capacity of 41,000 attendees, making him the first African artist to achieve this feat.

Following his post-UEFA Champions League final concert in June, where he celebrated Manchester City’s victory over Inter Milan, Burna Boy continues to leave a mark.

He hosted a historic event at London Stadium, accommodating 80,000 people, and plans to perform at Madison Square Garden in the United States, establishing himself as a leading African artist on the global stage.

This success has propelled Burna Boy to financial heights, with earnings reaching millions of dollars per event, equivalent to the GDP of some countries, underlining his status as Nigeria’s foremost artist.

The revelation of potential agreements hints at the artist’s contemplation of a future beyond music, making headlines and solidifying his position in the music industry.