Amahoro Stadium: Rwanda’s Premier Sports Venue Nears Completion(Photos)

Amahoro Stadium will accommodate 45,000 people, nearing completion where final touches include drinking water and lighting.

The news outlet IGIHE reported that there will be no further delays, and the work is scheduled to be completed by May this year, with various activities already underway.

This stadium is of international standard, providing Rwanda with a venue suitable for sporting events. As construction progresses, each day brings new developments.

Construction activities began 19 months ago, with some sections already finished, while others are still in progress, and the main pitch has been completely transformed from its original state.

Zephanie Niyonkuru, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Sports, told B&B FM UMWEZI that stadium builders need to accelerate their work to meet the deadline, ideally finishing by the end of the 8th month, but it could be completed by the 6th month if they follow the updates provided by SUMMA.

Abdul Aziz Ishimwe, a leader in charge of SUMMA Rwanda’s environmental projects, told IGIHE that work has reached 93% completion overall.

He said, “The level we are at now involves mostly finishing touches, such as parking, landscaping, and installing floodlights… but the final touches remain a significant amount of work.”

The VIP section will be separate from the Sportsview Hotel complex. It will include areas for VVIP, VIP, and journalists.

The renovation of Amahoro Stadium includes the refurbishment of the Petit Stade. This will allow both stadiums to host matches simultaneously.

The capacity of the Petit Stade has been reduced to 1,000 due to the addition of seats. This change will enable it to host larger events.

Shuttles will be available for those who wish to attend events at the stadium. These will operate alongside the newly installed elevators, which are also accessible to the public.

In the new Amahoro Stadium, press rooms will be equipped with workspaces for journalists, unlike the previous setup where they worked from the stands.

There will be two separate entry points for teams, as they need to enter separately. One entrance will accommodate one team, while the other will allow for a team to enter before or after another.

Regarding the pitch, it has been fully renovated to ensure its quality.

The VIP section has been fitted with speakers for announcements, and the VIP rooms have been soundproofed so that officials can communicate effectively.

The Ministry of Sports will have offices in the stadium, which will be accessible. This will be located behind the area adjacent to the BK Arena.

The stadium will also include two giant screens, with additional screens installed in the VIP section and press areas to ensure everyone can follow the game.

Outside the stadium, there will be a sports complex, including facilities for basketball, tennis, and volleyball.